Perfect long case clocks and wall clocks available across London and the UK

At Styles Antique Clocks, we often get asked by our clients what to look for when purchasing a 19th century clock or 20th century clock. Our advice has always been to pick the clock that speaks to you – does the tick and strike give you a glow inside? Does your day immediately seem brighter just for seeing or hearing it? You can get in touch with us for delivery anywhere in London and the UK.

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Things to consider for your long case clock:

  • Is the dial white, silver, brass or something different?
  • Is the case made from metal or wood?
  • Do you want a spring-driven or weight-driven clock?
  • Do you want a clock that purely tells the time, or one that chimes or plays music?
  • Is originality important to you? Or are you happy with a reproduced or replicated timepiece?

Uniting customers throughout the world with stunning clocks

Styles Antique Clocks has an extensive showroom and serves clients worldwide who are looking for an authentic clock.

Whether you are looking for an elegant wall clock or a majestic long case clock, you can rely on us for sheer authentic quality, delivered by experienced and passionate clock experts.

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From grandfather clocks and mantle clocks to French clocks and carriage clocks, you won’t find a better and more diverse range of antiques clocks than with Styles Antique Clocks.

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